Through the use of high quality green products, open communication models, skilled researchers, and forward-thinking problem solvers, Hercules Construction, Inc. has established strategic alliances necessary to provide a commercial building owner with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to create successful green building projects.

Reducing Our Eco-Footprint
We know that buildings account for:

• 72% of electricity use;
• 38% of CO2 emissions; and
• 40% of material used worldwide.

At Hercules Construction, Inc. we look for opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint and increase building efficiency.

Forward Thinking
Hercules Construction, Inc. strongly believes in an integrated project-delivery system and the early collaboration between the owner, builders, suppliers, and designers in every project we build. An initial investment of time from the key players of a project allows for the early development of a sound green building program.

Our goal at Hercules Construction, Inc. is to ensure that your new home is a dream come true. It's not just a possibility . . . it's a guarantee.