Our Role

Every project is different, and the assistance required varies based on the project.  Hercules Construction’s full development services include all aspects outlined here.  Through any phase of a project, the following list outlines specific tasks that we perform through the development process:

  • Bringing together all Stakeholders to develop the master plan and vision of the development;
  • Strategic Planning Proforma Development and Feasibility;
  • Project Business plan development;
  • Management of the design, program, and development phase;
  • Obtaining Government Approvals;
  • Sales and Marketing planning and over-site;
  • Overseeing the construction process;
  • Completed operations management strategy.


An Owner’s Representative acts as an extension of the Owner’s staff managing the day-to-day operations of a project. The Owner’s Representative can advise and represent the Owner from the earliest stages of the project, starting with conceptual design, through the final design, permitting, pre-construction, bidding construction, commissioning, move-in and preliminary occupancy stages.


A Construction Manager is responsible for construction of a project.  A Construction Manager does not oversee other aspects of a project other than the construction.   The construction manager is contracted directly by an Owner to oversee the construction of the project at a fee for service.  In a Construction Management approach, the contracts with all the subcontractors are direct contracts with the Owner.   A Construction Manager differs from a General Contractor, because a General Contractor will contract with the Owner, then contract directly with sub-contractors.

A Project Manager is often provided a budget and a concept for a project, and then the Project Manager's responsibility is to implement the Project.  Project Manager's are hired after the initial concept and "goals" are established. The Project Manager then becomes the "quarterback" of the project.


The difference between an Owner's Representative and a Construction Manager is that a Construction Manager concentrates on the tasks, not potential issues that may arise. An Owner's Representative is actively weighing the consequences of all tasks, from all of the disciplines involved in the project. EPM Owner’s Representatives have cross-disciplinary skill sets, freeing your Architect to focus on the project's design and your other team members to focus on their specific role.

Hercules Construction has the ability and capability to manage the entire process or to supplement an Owner as needed.  Specific roles we can play in any project include the following:

  • Overall Development Management Services;
  • Owner's Representative;
  • Program Management;
  • Construction Management;
  • Special Asset Management of Completed Operations;
  • Management of Projects in remote locations.

Whatever your approach, or whatever your project, we can assist.  Please Contact Us today to get started.

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